Brand New

I am brand new to flipping. I want to get started. I am not sure how at this point. I don’t have a lot of cash to start with. Are there ways to get started with little cash? Any other advice would be appreciated.

Read everything on this site: the forums and the free info - the articles, success stories, etc. Go to your local REI club meeting, if available - learn, network, find a mentor. After reading the forums, see if you can partner with an investor in your area or private mail a writer you can relate with - most here are willing to help. You can ask questions anytime and get answers as long as they are not questions that could have been answered by taking the time to read the posts. This is the best website for knowledge, help and encouragement. You must be willing to be taught, willing to do what it takes to succeed and willing to spend the time (persistence) to make rei work.