Brand new to the industry

My wife and I are brand new to the industry. We’ve been to many seminars and meetups. It all sounds great, in theory, but when I talk to realtors, not one wants to touch wholesaling and assignments of contracts. They all say they can get sued or their broker advises against it or it’s illegal or that no matter what I say I’m acting as a broker and need to be licensed. I had one cash buyer that was sounding so eager for homes. Then when I sent him a bird dog contract he disappeared.

Everyone involved in wholesaling says it’s great and they are making bank. OK. So tell me again exactly how that works?

My wife and I are eager to get this moving yet are having no luck as of yet. I’m not about to throw in any towel, it’s OBVIOUSLY being done. Any advice from anyone would be great.
We are in Las Vegas Nevada.


First of all buyers are not bird dogs, bird dogs help you find properties to sell to buyers and buyers would have no reason to buy from you if they had the time to bird dog and find properties.  You insulted that buyer sending him a bird dog agreement!

There is absolutely nothing illegal about assignment of contract for wholesaling but we don’t use realtors or brokers to do it, homes we find to wholesale are bought directly from owner, at the court house steps all cash or from family of someone going through a hardship or death.

If you used a realtor to buy the seller has to get potentially 6% more for the property in order to pay realtor fee’s.

Run ads on back page, craigslist, the Las Vegas sun, global free classified ads, grudd, Las Vegas free advertising, etc.

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Start placing bandit signs around town - Make sure you place signs where it’s legal!

Network and let accountants, lawyers, probate trustees, mortuaries, hotels, anywhere you could create and place an oversized card.

Do door hangers, me and my daughter can do 500 plus in 3 or 4 hours, choose neighborhoods where properties have deferred maintenance and sellers are motivated to sell their homes.

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Put little printed cards on car windshields under the wiper!

You need to find reliable hard money lenders in Las Vegas so you have the ability to provide financing to your investor buyers!
Don’t be afraid to sell a home to someone who intends to live in it as owner occupied, you just have to set up their contract to mirror yours.

You can only charge a maximum of 7% of your contract price to assign the contract, otherwise if you stumble on something you can make more on you will need to use transactional funding. Don’t get greedy investors know when your unfair and will stop looking at your properties if they think your being greedy.

You do not use a realtor or broker / period!!! You find and contract and assign the contract yourself.

Build a data base (Excel Spread Sheet) of buyers looking for wholesale homes. (1 to 4 unit properties)


Good grief!!! That’s the contents of a $2,500 seminar right there. I’ve received less and paid more~!! :beer

hi I’m new as well

How to make an offer on a property and put it on Assignment of Contract?
Where do i get the Assignment of Contract ?