Brand new to all of this.....

No cashflow…lots of bills… :help.our eyes have just been opened and we’re ready to get moving. We’re doing a lot of studying and learning, but what else could we be doing??? I’m at twelve yrs in the Army and am counting down to retirement. I don’t want to HAVE to scramble for a job when I retire! :banghead

It’s kinda hard to make suggestions about what else you can do when you don’t say what you are doing already.

Real estate is good. Even in a slow mushy market it is good.

I like long term buy and hold with quality properties, but there are dozens of good ways to make money with real estate.

Real estate is particularly good in times of inflartion, and I don’t care what the federal government says, I see prices going up steeply all around me. Anyone who doesn’t think we are having inflation is not doing their own grocery shopping.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your military service and happy holidays to you and your family, and everyone you work with.

Brand new is a good place to be, especially when open to learning.
One of the advantages that you can enjoy being in the service is that there are numerous good markets around the country, with others starting to emerge back into the light of day; it’s the natural cycle of things.


Each is essential, and each can be had with persistence and patience. From one veteran to another…Thank You!

Nouveau Riche University does not merely educate people about real estate investing, it creates Real Estate Investors.

OH NO! Here we go again!


Is that Hobbs?

Nah, Wallace is big enough to say so and is from Pennsylvania. This one’s from the Pacific NW…

True, and he would have a big picture of himself…

I have a system for creating wealth…

You give me 20,000.00 today, refer two of your friends to give me 20,000.00 each and then every friend after that I will give you back 10,000.00 each time one of your friends sign up… Think about it if you know 6 people you know everyone, right?..

Imagine how wealthy you can be and never buy a single property…

Mihcael Quarles
PS this isnt a real offer…