Brand new rental/l/o

Do we have to provide a fridge? I am sure a rental would, but an L/O?

What about window treatments? I am just curious, we have the $$$,
just wanted to get the general consensus here. Thanks! :wink:

I would say yes you should. Remember you are still competing for business against other rental properties.

You could go to the local Home Depot or Lows and ask if they have any discounted appliances or scratch and dent sales these will do just fine.

Do you have to? NO. Should you? I think so.

For my rentals, I provide a stove and a refrigerator. If the property has a dishwasher, a garbage disposal, a washer, or a dryer, they get those, too but I won’t keep them working…if they break, “oh well”…

As for window treatments, we provide white mini-blinds on all windows (<$5.00 at Lowe’s) – they are easy to put up, reasonably priced and look pretty good.

My 2 cents…