brand new here, this site is great! reo q?

i am brand new to this site. what a wealth of information. i have been reading books upon books for the last 2 years, but lacked some basic knowledge to get the ball rolling. basically where to start. i’m waiting on some bandits, have a toll free #, and my local sheriff dept. has a website with addresses of foreclosures as early as two days ago. question is, where to go to hook up with an agent that deals with reo’s? a local remax, or what. sorry if this sounds stupid but…

Howdy Jon:

There are agents that deal almost exclusively with Reo’s. I found one just by looking at the House Magazines and newspapers. You can call around too to different agencies and find out which listings are REO’s.


One easy way to find REO agents in your area is to check out websites that list REO properties (buybankhomes, ocwen, etc.) and look at their listings. Often you will see the same agent’s name over and over. That agent probably deals mostly with REO properties. Good luck.