Brain farts or errors

One of the reasons I love this site and it’s forums is bcause they make me feel free to ask questions or give opinions. My time on the forums is usually in the eve while enjoying an adult beverage and I’d rather entertain myself accumilating valuable info as opposed to watching TV. As it turns out tho…sometimes I’m on in the morning and notice all the misspelled or forgotten words and/or improffessional verbage. I want to thank everyone for reading in the forgotten typed words and automatically knowing what “raedy” (for example) means, and the understanding and support from everyone here as human beings.
You guys are great…
Sometimes I just feel like hanging up the proffessional hat and shop talk! thanks :smiley: for all of you!!! And being able to raed in the brain farts :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps they are “adult beverage induced brain farts”…??

I was thinking about this very thing this morning…some posts are almost indecipherable – a couple of times I have almost responded, asking if the post was available in some other language – English, perhaps?

(Not yours, BTW!)

I have a habit of typing “hte” instead of “the”…I think it’s the “search and destroy” typing method that I employ.


If you want to see just how good or bad you type…try typing a paragraph and don’t use the backspace. All I can say is that is the most used key on my keyboard (4 times in this post alone). LOL.

tahw od uoy syug neam?

We mean…tat its nise 2 b abl to raed waht u type?? :wink:

If you get Google’s free toolbar it has a great spell check.


Woh has time to use it? :-\ and…I don’t think it adds in our forgotten words. Some questions i’ve read are not detailed enough to give an accurate answer. Some answers completely change the subject of the forum topic due to the way some of us word things or forget to add. Yet,…everything is always understood, and someone always benefits with more knowledge, wether it’s the person asking the question or someone else reading the answers or advice. Spelled right or wrong…we still get our response and support from you guys, and I think that’s cool :wink: even tho some of us (myself included) say some things a** backwards and then having to say to our selves “OOPs” after it’s been posted.

Sorry to bother you. I was just trying to be nice.



Not a bother at all Bruce :wink:

I was just simply trying to say thanks to all of you :slight_smile:

eye wood knot thunk knowone nids speel chicking hear on thees sight.