BRAC base realignments

A newebie here -
Ready to get started but now the city I plan to work in is being faced with their air force base losing 2200 positions getting transfered out which translates city-wide to a lost of some 4500 jobs. To me this sounds like a dream buyers market but I wonder if it will translate into a lease purchase investors dreams as well. Any thoughts? By the way you folks in San Antonio must be really excited with the influx that might be coming your way.

I’m in NW Louisiana and we are picking up one airframe and a handful of positions. The renatl market here is strong…low price house and good strong positive cash flows…

Does the area that you are wanting to invest in have another large employer or an otherwise strong economy?

This was just another cut at the BRAC and areas with strong politicians rarely lose much…


Here in Wichita Falls there are other employers. The city leaders are still reassessing the situation. This is a NATO flight training center so maybe there will be no change. I am a newbie and was wondering if Sub2 and L2P’s were immune pretty much to the vagaries of economics. Thanks for your reply.