BPO completed, the a** hole won't give me the courtesy to call with results!

I am currently doing a short sale with HomEq! They did order an interior and exterior BPO and I was there with the inspector! He was a freshman in college, without a business card and was to call me Thursday afternoon or Friday morning to give me the results. He hasn’t called yet after I’ve called him 5 times. The last was to challenge his manhood by reminding him to be a man and followup on what he said he would do! Is this normal behavior? If he did the BPO Thursday, when will HomEq have the BPO in hand?
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ROFLMAO!!! I know your frustration well. Chances are you won’t be hearing from him. The bank hired him, he is only required to answer to them. You will have better luck calling the LMR and getting the number out of them.

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New meaning to influencing the BPO. :argue

they don’t have to.

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You seem extremely irritated about this, it will pass, because there will be something coming up which will flat blow your mind if the minor initial inconveniences of working a SS affect you like this. You’ll find there is a little more to know about SSs and one helpful hint is this; never ever ever assume some party will act like you want and need them to, allways have a plan B and have no fear of useing it. Your expectations of your counterparts are still very high and this is an arena where assuming you’ll be treated as a business person would like and feels is just common sense is a fundamentally flawed assumtion @ best.
Think creatively to keep ahead of the lemmings .
Have fun w/ it.

Unfortunately you probably won’t hear from him. They aren’t required to give you the results, they’re only required to give the lender the results. It usually takes about a week or so for the lender to get the BPO back from the agent. Even then, the lender probably won’t give you the exact number of what the bpo came in at, but they’ll probably give you something close.

You are correct! Since I own a computer consulting company, I do have a high expectation of others (as I do of myself)!
I finally got in touch with this fine BPO fellow (by using a cell phone that is out of state) and he gave me the BPO figure of $160k. HomEq would not tell me the BPO figure, but told me they would not take my cash offer of $100k but would take $170k , since that is what the owner owes! I told them I had other deals to consider, so call me soon or forget my offer!
It will be interesting what HomEq will come back with!
Again, thanks for the advice and comments!

Yeah, LMs have no logic to them at all. Did you get a “rejection” letter for your offer? I have been told that LMs cannot counter but only reject or accept an offer. If you got a rejection letter, then resumbit the whole package and just change the price by a couple of hundred dollars. I know this sounds lame, but as soon as you get a rejection, your file is wisked away to some other department. You may or may not get the same LM with a new ss package submission. Perhaps the next LM will be forthcoming with the BPO.

You can only influence the BPO - they cannot give you the final results. It is propriatary (spelling oops) information. I’ve played nice and been told the info but don’t recommend that. Try to get it from the lender and even so good luck. For some reason they tell me the exterior BPO but not when they do the interior.