"BP COFFEE SPILL"---You Gotta Google the Video!

Don’t miss the video of what BP executives do when they spill a styrofoam cup of coffee on their conference table! (Sorry, I don’t know how to put it in here to click on).



I seen this a month ago when my dad sent it to me.I laughed also.It’s really sad to see the stuff I see that friends of mine send from the Gulf waters and islands.Whatta terrible mess,still going after 80days,ridiculous.

With that incredible pressure spewing from deep in the earth, I don’t think they can fix it. I think it will have to blow itself out. How can you put a genie back in the bottle? It’s a really powerful genie.


I added the link to the original post…


With that incredible pressure spewing from deep in the earth, I don't think they can fix it. I think it will have to blow itself out.

Low estimates are that the oil field has more than 50 MILLION Barrels of oil. Other estimates are much higher. This well could spill oil for years and that really would be a disaster. If they can’t plug the well with these relief wells, I’m betting they’ll try nuking it.


You are right it is like trying to cap a volcano.I just am baffled when I see the technology of the drilling process as opposed to the obvious no solution to a problem like this.I seen this morning the relief well is about 3miles below the surface,and it’s not striaght down,it’s down then across.Which is amazing technology.

I also am very disgusted with this and the prior adminsitration’s ignoring the obvious.BP had well over 700 violations,compared to Shell,Exxon,etc combined still are’nt a fraction of that.They were just enjoying the fine $$ and lookin the other way,now we’re paying in blood for that.

If I am the Mayor’s son and drive like a bat outta hell,but pay the tickets(when others license are revoked for the same # of offenses).Then one day I’m doing 90MPH in a school zone and run over ten kids,was’nt the lack of oversite and enforcement really the blame also??

Your analogy of “the mayor’s son” is right on.

We can’t cap volcanoes either. All we can do is to get out of the way, and then clean up the mess when it stops. The earth is going to vomit when it wants to.

BP had no business tapping into something that explosive that they couldn’t evaluate or control-- just hubris.

“Safety Rules Are Written in Blood”–and the rules on that kind of drilling are going to be re-written.


I read that for every dollar of gasoline $0.50cents is tax.So the reference of the oil comapanies big profits should also be=what has the govt done with their portion.Because it obviously was’nt spent on enforcement of the regulations.

I just seen where BP is taking "the cap"off for yet another attempt to secure the flow "as early as monday"they say cheerfully.This is beyond ridiculous.Oh and I have a friend who’s in Haiti with the Corps of Engineers,WTH?? Is this not an engineering emergency riht here at home???Ridiculous failure of leadership,ridiculous.

But maybe if we keep letting an incompetent company make the rules,It’ll be resolved very quickly. :rolleyes Is this really our best,really??If so,we’re screwed.I for one like the rest of this coast will dearly remember how this was sooooo mishandled for politics and $$.Same root,same problem,every time.

Haha that was a pretty awesome video! Although, they did drag it out quite a bit… similar to how the leak is being dragged out to!

LOL!! That is the first that I have seen that video and it is awesome. Interesteing how we do not hear much about it anymore, even thought they still have not completely sealed it. They are still “testing” the seal.