bout land/real estate/property giving u tips in selling home

  1. Before you decide to buy a house or property, please ensure that:
    • The housing developer has a license and it is still valid.
    • The housing developer has an advertisement and sales permit and it is still

  2. Determine the house type that you plan to get:
    For landed property such as bungalows, semi-detached houses and terrace
    houses, the expected date of completion is 24 months from the date of signing of
    the Sales and Purchase Agreement.

For subdivided building such as condominiums, flats, apartments and
townhouses, the expected date of completion is 36 months.
Buyers are advised to obtain from the housing developer the
complimentary brochures with all the pertinent information about the project such
the development’s license number, and advertisement and sales permit.

  1. Land status
    Please ensure whether it is:-
    • Freehold land - it is in perpetuity.
    • Leasehold land – check the number of years left.
    • Malay Reserve.
    The status of the land can be checked at the Land Office or the State
    Land Registrar.