Bought too many in the Ghetho, no exercise, Got fat - need to change...

Hey all,

So nearly 3 years ago I started investing in a not so good area in Indiana, we built a successful flipping business. AS a result of doing this I spent a lot of hours in my car, working 16 – 18 hrs a day, eating at fast food restaurants and not exercising :evil . Does this sound familiar???

Now I am 25 pounds heavier than when I got married 3 years ago…

I have met probably 1000’s of people at different REI Clubs and a lot of us have the same problem…

I have committed to loosing this excess weight and performing a triathlon by the summer. I am looking for other Flippers to join this health/life change and I will start a Blog so that we can set our goals and make it happen

Would any of you be interested in taking such a challenge??

What area of Indiana you investing in? Im only 16, but Im going to be a future flipper. Im just interested in what this not-so-good area is so I can be cautious about that area.

Ill join, im a little bigger then what ide like to be. Still sexy though.

I went through that stage in 1999/2000…Before that time and until the present day I’m a 6 days a week gym junkie…Been so for years…Cardio addict…45 mins a day 4-5 miles…I have since given up free weights and only do chin ups,hanging leg raises and various other core exercises…Mostly balance ball and core + heavy cardio…I also eat very healthy…Brown rice,steamed veggies,grilled meats,chicken,turkey,fish…Oatmeal (real not instant) with just water,no sugar etc…I also use Spirutein protein mix (not because I like soy) to me it just tastes better than Designer Whey…But embracing a healthy lifestyle is key…

Best of luck with starting it and maintaining it…You will feel better in the long run…Health is priceless…

I’ve actually LOST weight since going full-time into real estate 3 years ago…When I worked in corporate, most of my day was sedentary - sitting at my desk, sitting in meetings, sitting at other people’s desks…You get the idea…Since diving full-time into real estate, I’m a hundred times more active than i used to be (although laying ceramic tile doesn’t burn too many calories, except for hauling it from the truck into the house)…Didn’t take very long before I was back into my 32" jeans…


I’ll join the fitness craze too. I am a rookie flipper (getting house at the end of the month from a wholesaler) who is looking to trim down for the real estate world. I just got my license and want to look good when I hold the open house on my flip.

Before you buy food in the fast food place, keep in mind that the persons preparing and selling that food and doing the cleaning are bottom of the barrel tenants.

After you’ve seen how they keep their home, you have to wonder if they ever wash their hands.

That just kills my appetite.

Thanks for the interest guys, I have started running 4 days a weeks and joining the gym. So far it is working good and I feel soo much better (already)

tatertot - I have bought about 120 properties in the past 2 - 3 years and most of them were in really bad condition and we rehabbed them and sold them to investors. At the beginning I was also doing the property management so your message has really hit home with me.

CottageCash - where are you getting your first house?

Thanks for the input…

Thanks for the interest guys, I have started running 4 days a weeks and joining the gym. So far it is working good and I feel soo much better (already)


Keep it up…You will only feel better over time…Congrats on the switch…

Hi Guys!

I have also started running, 3 times a week. I feel great. I am also cutting wheat and dairy from my diet.

Looks like I will be getting my first house near the end of the month. My broker who holds my r.e. license, specializes in investment properties, wholesaling etc. They just got a house in and are closing in 2 weeks. I can get into it after that to assess what it needs. If I want it , its mine to buy. I am very excited since I have been hunting for my first house for 4 months.

I am also running 3 times a week and feeling great - I have lost 6 pounds since Christmas and am feeling great. Last night I ran 4 miles - that is the first time in about 4 years so I am very excited and my wife is beginning to like it more as well…

I believe that the better you feel the more work you get done and the more fun you have doing it…

Let’s try and stay accountable to each other on this thread and post our weekly looses :slight_smile:

Cottagecash - good luck with the house - give us the details when you make it happen



I eat what I want, and I don’t exercise (unless you call golf exercise) and I look good. The girls just love looking at me. I ran track and played football in college and guess my body just has not gone back. I am not cut up or anything but I look pretty good at the nude beach when I am on vacation. I guess it is just good genes.

So if you are going to buy in not so good area’s you should be able to run… :cool

I certainly can sympathize with the high stress, low exercise, live from the car process tracking down deals can entail, I used to offset this by doing alot of my own work on the properties (you’ll lose that carseat babyfat in a whole lot of hurry).
It beats mere exercise because it is rewarding, challenging and your skill level improves exponentially the more you do.


Way too much information… :rolleyes

I am on the road also, but I have not eaten fast food in like 2 years. I find that Supermarkets usually have great salad bars, and soups, and prepared foods or sandwiches. They are a lot less expensive too.

Dont eat the whole sandwich, it is way too big for what your body needs. The body stores all that excess and you gain weight. And dont eat fries or chips and stay away from caffeine. Easy enough. You will have more energy for your customers or clients, and feel better about yourself.

Yes, I’ve done the supermarket lunch (and dinner on some long days) as well. I don’t exactly trust the sanitary conditions of the soup/salad bar…but I’m probably just paranoid that way.

I usually would buy a yogurt (Columbo used to sell them with a spoon in the lid), a box of granola bars and a snapple…sometimes a gala apple from fresh fruit section to boot…

Bonus…extra granola bars by buing a whole box…

I always look for the closest Boston Market…Fabulous restaurant chain…Not much more than fast food for a great quick “almost homecooked” meal…

Funny thing is that they used to be owned by McDonald’s…

Hi Guys

I have been so busy lately getting ready for the closing on my flip I haven’t been to the board in a while. I am closing this Fri the 29th on a 3 bed 2 bath colonial in an ok neighborhood. I have had a lot of anxiety over this since it is my first one. Needless to say, my eating/exercising hasn’t been so great since I have been too distracted by this house purchase!

Did any of you have anxiety when you first started out? :rolleyes

Anxiety starting out in REI? Nah, you must be abnormal…

All seriousness aside, it is absolutely NORMAl to feel some level of anxiety when making any sort of large financial deal.

BTW - expect some level of ‘buyer’s remorse’ after you close - that’s normal, too!

Good luck - go get 'em!


I always look for the closest Boston Market…Fabulous restaurant chain

Boston market and I don’t get along well… :flush

And yes it’s totally normal to have slight anxiety over your first deal,but don’t let negative thoughts consume you…