Bought a house with a partner, now.....

I supplied the cash he supplied the credit. It is in his name but I would like to have and equal interest in the property when escrow closes. Also I would like to be held equally liable in the event that something goes wrong. How would I word a contract to cloud the title, split interest? BTW the home is located in Mississippi and I live in CA.

Make it simple and notorize it! It is what I would call a disbursement of funds Real simple!
it should read "at the time of closing please disburse funds equally between your name and His name and mail your name’s check to your address__ "

Have him sign it and notorize it and you turn it into the title company and keep a copy for yourself!

That is if you trust him!! If not record a lien on the property!

So would that also make me liable for half of the loss if we sold it at a loss? I need it to be equal in both ways. Thanks