Bootlegged Real Estate Materials

Does anyone know if there is a big problem with bootlegged real estate courses, books, CD’s, etc? I’ve been interested in buying a few different courses off of Ebay and such but everytime I question the authenticity of the product I get no more responses. I’m just wondering if anyone else has noticed this as well. While I’d love to save the money, I don’t want to end up in trouble by buying and illegal copy of something.


You probably won’t get caught. But, if it’s your conscience that troubling you, don’t do it.

My understanding of the law is that as a consumer you are not breaking the law by buying a bootlegged product. You only break the law by selling it.

Correct as far as counterfieiting rules go, you can advertise and even have fake merch, its the sales and disturbution of those items for profit that makes it illegal, thats how all those realtors, and high school kids can now have $1000 Purses and wallets, they can legal own the knock off good, just they cannot sell it. I am assuming since these guides and books are consumer goods they fall into the same rules