Bootcamps? Starting Over

A little background on m myself. I live in Eagle River, Alaska. I was recently injured on the job (12-04), had surgery, and am in Physical Therapy. I was recently found eligible by Workers Compensation for reemployment benefits. I have decided to pursue Property Management/REI. I chose Property Management because it is the closest Occupational Listing I could find to REI, since there is no listing in the AKCIS system for REI. My reemployment benefits plan basically includes, correspondence schooling for Small Business Owner, and hopefully attending a Bootcamp. I have the Carlton Sheets program, and a Russ Whitney program, but would like to attend a live Bootcamp. I have narrowed it down (from reading reviews on this site, and their websites) to Chuck Smith’s Millionaire Club Bootcamp, Sept. 1-2, 05, or Apartment House Riches Bootcamp
by David Lindahl, Sept. 15, 16, 17, 05. I’m not sure if the bootcamp will be approved, but they both teach you Estimating, Renovating, Analyzing, Financing, Marketing, Negociating etc. Any Feedback would be appreciated.

Good evening and welcome to REI Club. I am sorry that you had an accident on the job, I hope that your recovery goes well.

Though I have lived in Los Angeles for 17 years now, I was born and raised in Eagle River. Grew up about a mile up Eagle River Loop Road. When I was a boy the population was about 3000 to 4000. It must be over 50,000 now? I was there a year or so ago and it is barely recognizable. Man, it has grown!

The real estate is hot there as well, my mother just move to Wasilla (live in E.R. since 1966) and her home has appreciated about 10% in less than one year.

On to REI, my suggestion would be to attend David Lindahls bootcamp. Simply based on the subject matter. I am firmly in agreement with investing in multi family units, preferably 10 units and up.

If you purchase right (there is no reason that you shouldn’t) you can add value and hire property management to lessen the headaches. Cash flow can be very nice in larger buildings.

Though I do believe that you can learn from inexpensive books and website forums such as this one. You will be amazed at the information contained here once you start researching old posts.

If you are able to receive assistance to attend one of these seminars then definitely take advantage of it. Whatever it takes to acquire a strong understanding of all of the REI formulas, techniques, and creativeness involved in purchasing properties will be worth it.

Where do you live in E.R.?

Andy Gibbs

HAHAHAHA i was gonna go to the millionaires club too, but then I called him, and he told me the person that maintains his site is a little messed up, he doesnt do that one anymore. but I have heard the all of ron legrands bootcamps are good…chuck smith was one of his students.


What??? Go Figure. Thanks for the FYI. UPDATE!! Just got off the phone from his HQ, and a new camp was scheduled for Sept. 9-10-11, 05’, in Cleveland.

Hello, and thanks for the warm regards. Recovery is going very well. 17 years, so you left in 1988? We were living in Soldotna at the time. My wife was born and raised in E.R since 63’. They lived up Eagle River Road by the Yellow Rock, last name Dahl. Her parents lived here, and we would visit every once in a while. We moved to E.R in 96’. A mile up Eagle River Loop Road? Would that be up Skyline Drive, or around the bend? Actually, population is around 30,000 + and growing.

Real Estate in E.R is pretty good. All the attention is toward Wasilla/Palmer. You get more bang for your buck. There is still a lot of building going on here, but it is more concentrated there. No more property for single family homes in Anchorage.

We live just up the street from the old Tastee Freeze, and Park Gate Bldg.

On to REI. David Lindahls bootcamp was my first choice, as you say for the based subject, but Chuck Smith sounds very good also, even though they seem to be based on two different subjects.

I have accumulated a small collection of books, audios and videos from various authors, and have learned quite a bit. I am very fortunate to come across this site and all of its information.

I just found out that the Chuck Smith camp was not happening on Sept. 1-2, 05, it was rescheduled for sept. 9-10-11, 05’.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback, and on with my never ending endeavor for knowledge in REI.

Haha September 11th, that must be on dealing with bad things lol


It’s either that or, how to work out a deal to overcome them???lol


I grew up right across from Eugene Lane, just past where Coronado intersects E.R. Loop Road.

I spent many summers at that Tastee Freeze! I know that area very well. I also know Yellow Rock, I took guitar lessons when I was a boy from someone there, last name Keil I think. Dahl definitely sounds familar. Now there is that elementary school right there, Ravenwood I think.

I also would vist Soldotna every summer, beautiful place. The entire Kenai peninsula is unbelievable, my favorite area there is Cooper Landing. Kenai Lake and Quartz Creek was our favorite camping area.

Sorry to ramble for so long, such memories! Seriously, there is more information on-line nowadays to read up on, you could spend hours every day (I still do!).

Good luck with your future investments,

Andy Gibbs

Hey Andy, take the “s” off your last name and you be famous! haha