boot camps

:frowning: I am not sure I can do this but my husband and I recently attended the weekend boot camp of a well known real estate guru and I cannot not begin to tell you just how bad it was. Several other people attending this event felt the same as I. If you are new to real estate go with great caution when choosing a teacher and spending the $8,000.00 we spent.


Glad to meet you.

I could not agree more. I only went to one boot camp and it was in the Marine Corps, and it was terrible also.

Now that I think about they paid me to go, but whatโ€™s the chances of getting hired as a trained killer. This is tough to put on your resume when looking for a job just out of the service.

Then again, at least I received the proper training.

Sorry to hear you felt you did not get what you paid for and just having a little jocularity to hopefully take a little sting out of $8K.

John $Cash$ Locke