Books on Short sale/REO

What books do you all prefer to get more education in Short Sales/REO? This site has a wealth of info and has been great but is there anything that helped some of you guys here when you 1st started? :smile

Other than this site (have you read all the articles? :shocked ), I scoured my local libraries for any real estate books. Some were junk, many had good tidbits.

Trust me I’ve read the site, downloaded audio, have tons of pdf’s :shocked
it is unbelieveable. but i also like to sit down and read a good book. it helps me understand faster. thanks for the reply. any others?

When I first got started with short sales I bought thousands of dollars worth of literature, seminars, websites, etc. Now these many years later I have recently completed my own e-book on short sales. This e-book was wrote with the beginner in mind. So far I’ve received nothing but positive feed back. I have the first couple of chapters available for the public at my website.

Good Luck! :beer