Books on Commercial Financing

Does anyone have any leads on good books that cover many different, creative, and generic commercial financing for multi-families, office, retail, etc…?

Ok, I’ve been looking very hard to find a book that deals with commercial investment strategies, finance, and analysis and think I may have found one…“Real Estate Investment: Strategy, Analysis, Decisions”

The only problem is that it was published in 1989.

Do you think that a book on commercial real estate that old is obsolete?

The fundamentals of the book will most likely not be obsolete.

I think you might find “Investing in Real Estate-5th Edition” by Andrew McLean and Gary Eldred PhD for a general primer on commercial financing and broader understanding on how to caluclate value, NOI, DSCR, etc. of commercial property.

The book doesn’t go into specific commercial loan programs available, but you can fill this gap by consulting with a knowledgeable commercial lender.