Bookeeping Software

For those of you who do your own bookkeeping, which software do you use? I am considering Quickbooks Simple Start Edition which is the cheapest among all Quickbooks editions and I would imagine it would be enough for my company.

Has anyone used it? Any pros and cons about this software?

Also, do people upgrade the bookkeeping software every year?


Sometimes you can get too caught up in keeping the books and less caught up in keeping the property up. It also depends on what type of REI you are.

Quicken basic will work fine for a fair amount of properties.

You really don’t need receivables and a lot of the features like in Quickbooks or Peachtree unless maybe you are a contractor doing a lot of rehabs.

I use regualr quicken. My partner uses Quicken property manager 2.0. (99.00) They are both viable solutions.

Thanks very much. I will definitely look into Quicken.