Book Review

I hope this does not come across offensive to anyone, but I do have a question regarding 1 Minute to Rental Property Riches. I have heard/read many great reviews, but wanted to know what others have to say about it.

Any thoughts?

Has anybody read this book?

If you think you can just read one book and get into real estate then your wrong(no offense), try reading a lot of books so you can form your own opinion about it.

Hi Joker,

Thank you for the suggestion of reading many resources. This is great advice I live by and I typically read about one book every week. But before I spend nearly $50 on a book that I have never heard of until recently and nobody else has ever read, I would like to do my research and make my $50 count. I do understand $50 is a small investment, but I need to make my money count in every aspect…even $50. This is why I am asking the question, not to agitate, but to find resources and do my homework before I purchase anything.

The book is by PropertyManager a fellow member on this forum. I have not read his book because I am not into rentals, but he is a very knowledgable guy. If the book has same content as his posts, then it should be a good book to buy (again I have not read it). Read his posts, if you like his ideas and concepts then buy the book to gain more knowledge.

To be honest to you, if $50 is a concern, then you are pursuing the wrong business, although it is the best business to start with little money. I do not mean any disrespect, it is just a fact of life. I am a strong believer that investing is a business and must be approached as such and business costs money.


You are correct in so many ways. I know PropertyManager is the author and I love his advice, I just wanted to see if others had read it. And again, you are correct on the $50, but I watch my pennies on everything. I believe my frugleness is one of the main reasons I have been a success in this business (mainly rehabs, but I am now converting into rentals).

Again, thank you for your honest input.

I’ve never read it but have seen many positive posts and no negative posts. There are very few books out there that are without negative comments and his is one of them


I have read the book and recommend it to any new investor. It is a straight to the point book explaining how to make money in real estate. He is straight forward throughout the book and even gives some real life examples about being a land lord. He will give you his business plan, purchase contract, lease agreement, and any other tool you will need in order to be successful.

I am 18 and working on purchasing my first property within the next year, I high recommend this book for anybody.


Thank you for your honest input. I believe I will be purchasing the book within the week.

Don’t neglect your local library as well. Lots of real estate investing book to peruse there without purchasing all of them.


I have purchased the book and believe it to be well worth the money I spent. I highly recommend it! It is well written and very infomative–full of very useful information. I was one of those new investors that was full of fear and propertymanager (along with many others on this site) helped me over come a lot of my fear.

In my opinion, the book lays out a formula for success for buying and holding property.

I’ve been learning/doing rei for the past 2 years. Yesterday I purchased my 4th rental property, a 3/1 sfh, for 15K. I’ve formed a relationship with a VP of a local bank (suggested in the book) and the bank will loan me the purchase price and the repair costs for this home (up to 10K). Obvioulsy, I am buying this property right.

At first I was very skeptical of the formulas found in the book to purchase properties. However, I’ve found that with LOTS of patience and hard work, I can find these kinds of deals.


His book is awesome - I highly recommend it. Don’t make it your only REI book…but make it one of your main RE investing books if you do plan on having rental homes & plan on building net worth [how you truly get rich in America].

I can now add to the book review. I purchased it a few weeks ago and it is very informative. Actually I believe it might be too informative since it describes the realities of being a property manager (no pun intended). I have been searching for my first rental, and will follow every step he says, even though I will have to be very persistent and patient to follow his guidelines. In the end, I know it will keep me from being burned in this market.

I have to give this book a “two thumbs up” as well. There is a lot of real world info in this book, not Guru fluff. Property Manager does a great job laying out the potential pitfalls in the landlord business. If you are considering your 1st rental property, this is a MUST READ :bobble