BOLD request for UNCONVENTIONAL METHODS to do Business

Greetings all,
I’m new to this game and have to admit that conventional (“wannabe” aka “proven”) ways
to do business do not appeal to me, simply because everyone seems to follow those patterns while creating too much competion.
I recently stumbled accros trust vs llc and find this scenario quirky. Calling out all you out there - who
exercise unconventional ways to stay a top of this game - care to share your unconventional methods?
Curious and appreciateive to learn about how you outsmart the rest of us trying to make it in real estate. Hit me up


I don't completely understand your posting? Out of 6 million plus real estate transactions every year investors on some level are involved in 2 million of them. 

What unconventional method are you asking about? A trust and an LLC are two entirely different things, there are many types of trusts and different LLC’s, what would you like to know?

Business methods? Real estate methods? Commercial methods? Risk management methods? Asset protection methods? Wealth management methods?
Property management methods? Maintenance methods? Cash flow management methods? Negotiation methods? Value assessment methods?

Please re-post what your looking for? There is no outsmarting you as everyone could learn what I know, but it comes over time provided you don’t give up and you pay attention and learn from those people who have been there / done that who can save you a lot of grief in the long run!

Good luck,


Perhaps you are seeking why an investor might use a trust rather than an LLC…I can’t see another reason for you writing such a post but I can answer this one…LLC’s are under the IRS rules of corporations…we know that ‘income’ is defined as ‘corporate profits.’ So, the IRS requires that ALL corporations must file a special and distinct tax return for each corporation.

This humble guy asks the question, why would one want to have one additional interaction with such an organization where we know they are aggressive, they use threat coercion and force, and they routinely break most laws to get their ways.

Having said all that, I, personally, have read ‘private letter rulings’ issued by the IRS which says that a Trust is NOT required to have a special and distinct tax return for that trust entity.

So, if you do what you would normally do with your personal taxes, one might operate their business and/or property inside of a trust for at least one great reason; and that is so the owner would not have one additional exposure to such an aggressive organization each year.

IN addition, the trust entity can offer the owner the same safety measures of limited liability, privacy, etc. that a corporation offers.

Hope this helps.


I don’t think there is outsmarting… Call it due diligence…

In proportion to the population at large, not many people have the cash to purchase multifamily investment properties… (or to qualify for loans to buy them)… Then narrow it down further to those who would want to get into real estate… Then narrow it down further to those who would make it a hobby and/or obsession…

I one time called the office of a guy who owns over $5.5 billion of real estate and I asked them why he’s so successful and they told me “he’s completely obsessed,”…

The founders of most of the largest real estate investment firms made money doing other things before they invested in real estate…

Just know a little (or a lot) about the law, accounting, crunching numbers, construction, markets, etc…

That, and people skills (which I don’t claim to have)…

Very unique methods. If that works, stick to it. If ain’t broke, don’t fix it. :biggrin