Bluemoon Boy

I don’t know if everybody know but my son is a highschool senior graduating in a couple of months. He applied to a bunch of colleges. He applied to Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, SMU, U of H, Georgetown, Rice, etc. I thought that he will willow them down by just looking at the ones that accept him. He got accepted to them all.

Last week he was invited to some rich Aggie’s house with the dean of the business school and several other Aggie busineessmen. The dean said that they are recruiting the kids invited like linebackers. He said they had 4,500 kids apply to the business school at Texas A&M, they accepted 1,500. They are allowing 80 to be in the Business honors program and they only invited 20 to this gathering. This is how unfair the world is. I make a fist full of money every year. It costs $18,000/year to go to A&M and they are giving him $18,000. He goes to A&M for free.

Of course it looks like God doesn’t like me because he got a letter yesterday and got accepted to Georgetown. There were 20,000 kids that applied to Georgetown and they only accepted 1,500. My boy was one of them. Georgetown costs $50,000/year and I know he is not going to get all that given to him. So God is going to punish me for having a smart boy by making me pay $50,000/year.

That is what I get for marrying a smart woman.

There’s an OPPORTUNITY here for BOTH you and your son…for you to TEACH and him to LEARN!

Georgetown is $200,000 for 4 years…A&M is FREE…

ASK your son if he wants to be a BUSINESS MAN???

ASK him what kind of DEAL could he cut here that benefits BOTH parties but REALLY puts HIM into another world when compared to every other college grad??

What if his FATHER was willing to buy “Junior” a HOUSE at say $50,000 and pay CASH for it and let his son collect the rent, own the house AND go to college for FREE???

DAD saves himself $150k LARGE, Junior gets a FREE College education, a FREE house, and starts his business life LIGHT YEARS AHEAD of every graduating business major from GEORGETOWN 4 years from now!!!

If the kid is that smart, a quick run through the NUMBERS should spark some REAL WORLD excitement when he realizes some of his buddies at Georgetown will be starting their working years $200k in DEBT, and THEN ADDING a MORTGAGE on TOP of that!!!

This deal is a MILLIONAIRE MAKER…NOT “IF” just WHEN he becomes one…

Think about it…

You BOTH have ONE SHOT at this. Don’t be BULLSH-TTED by the IVY LEAGUE HYPE…It’s like being offered a FREE NEW FORD with a free apartment. or a USED PORSCHE you have to PAY FOR…The PORSCHE makes people THINK your smart…The Ford deal IS smart!!!

Some people might not like the idea of GIVING him a HOUSE…BUT REMEMBER…This kid worked his @ss off in school to get those grades…He EARNED the help…You’re just RECOGNIZING that hard work the same way TEXAS A&M did…With something of VALUE!!!

Bluemoon, is your son going to go to Georgetown? I mean, im sure he has his reasons but…

Dang, i would never pay 50000K a year to go to a college, ESPECIALLY if I could go free somewhere else.

FDjake is 100% right. Plus, you can gauge how he is going to due his first year for free. I’m sure he’ll do fine but, college life can change people. Then after two years he can transfer in to Georgetown if he still wants to go.

If he plans on living in Texas after graduation the A&M degree will be of greater benefit to him simply because of the Alumni in the State. He can go out of state for his masters if he chooses and get that exposure to.

Go to Georgetown, get scholarships, grants, and other free money.

It is so friggin easy to get your education paid for in this country but hardly anybody knows about. 100’s of millions of dollars each year go unclaimed in the form of scholarships and grants that nobody applies for. A lot of the time you don’t even need to be stellar like you song. You just have to apply and you’ll get it by default. Most of these will only be a couple hundred to couple thousand dollars so he’ll need to apply to a bunch but it really isn’t a big deal. By the time your son has applied to a few he’ll be used to the forms and already have several essays he can recycle over and over. Spend couple dozen hours applying, if that much time, and he’ll have made the better part of his 200k tuition if not more.

I agree there is a learning opportunity here…but it doesn’t include not going to a top 1% school.

There’s no way on planet earth this kid is generating $200,000 in scholarship money for Georgetown by writing essay’s…ESPECIALLY when they see the INCOME BRACKET his family is in.

IF…and THIS is the question…IF he can get scholarship money to attend Georgetown at a big discount from full price…Then of coarse…GO TO GEORGETOWN!! But don’t go $200K in the hole to do it when a GREAT SCHOOL is offering you a FREE education.

It’s just common sense, and good business.

Any top shelf business exec. will tell you UNDER GRAD Degree’s are WORTHLESS…It’s the POST GRAD degree’s that open up corporate WALLETS…Go to Texas A&M for FREE then hit HARVARD or WHARTON for your MBA…And have that little house Dad purchased write the SCHOLARSHIP CHECKS every month.

THINK about this…4 YEARS of collecting rent on a property FULLY PAID for… WILL P A Y, IN FULL,
for an IVY LEAGUE MBA!!!

AND…He STILL owns the HOUSE…NO DEBT…COLLATERAL for future investing AND monthly income.

NO BRAINER in my opinion…

OR…He can point to his $200,000 GEORGETOWN Sheepskin while it hangs on the wall of his $200,000 house that he owes $175K on.

Top 1%…Of WHAT??? SLAVES??? Because that’s what being set up here…A TREADMILL…He can RUN on it for YEARS while he tells people he went to “GEORGETOWN”…Meanwhile the other kid who TOOK the free Texas A&M education (because Blue’s kid passed on it) has NO MORTGAGE, NO DEBT, and maybe went a little wild by treating himself to a new PORSCHE as a MBA grad gift because it’s the ONLY payment he makes every month!!

It’s about WHAT KIND OF LIFE YOU WANT TO L I V E…A life of STRESS and CONSTANT GRINDING to crack a nut every month…Or a FU life style of…NO…I’m not moving my family to BLOWHOLE, N.Y. to take over the Northeast Division for the 5th time in 4 years. NO, I’m not worried about the LAYOFF’s their talking about…NO…I’m not missing my son’s baseball game to take some nit wit out for drinks tonight. The people who answer YES to those questions do it because they HAVE TO…They’re on a TREADMILL…and don’t BS yourself…That TREADMILL exists whether you make $20K a year or $220K a year…It’s all relative.

TREADMILL or FREEDOM??? The advice you give this kid RIGHT NOW will set in motion the REAL FUTURE for your son…Not some BULLSH*T Ivy League BROCHURE of a future. this is the Nuts and Bolts, DOLLARS and S E N S E (and cents too) REAL WORLD, BANK STATEMENT, CREDIT SCORE, Spendable income, LIQUIDITY, how you ENJOY and LIVE your life WORLD!

ONE SHOT…That’s what he has…

And the funny part???

The HERD will tell this kid he screwed up by not going to GEORGETOWN!!! In REALITY…THAT is the SCREW UP…


That was said very well. A&M is a great school, and if he can go there for free, that is definitely the best choice. And for $50k a year … get him to apply at Harvard. He can pay off $200k in debt a lot easier with a BBA (or MBA) from there! =)

It's about WHAT KIND OF LIFE YOU WANT TO L I V E......A life of STRESS and CONSTANT GRINDING to crack a nut every month....Or a FU life style of.....NO...I'm not moving my family to BLOWHOLE, N.Y. to take over the Northeast Division for the 5th time in 4 years. NO, I'm not worried about the LAYOFF's their talking about...NO....I'm not missing my son's baseball game to take some nit wit out for drinks tonight. The people who answer YES to those questions do it because they HAVE TO...They're on a TREADMILL...and don't BS yourself...That TREADMILL exists whether you make $20K a year or $220K a year...It's all relative.

now there’s an excellent critical thought…

and…as usual…it comes from fdjake!

there’s no way in :evil you can advance your own critical thinking when the majority of your time is enslaved to an employer.


Or a FU life style of.....NO...I'm not moving my family to BLOWHOLE, N.Y. to take over the Northeast Division for the 5th time in 4 years. NO, I'm not worried about the LAYOFF's their talking about...NO....I'm not missing my son's baseball game to take some nit wit out for drinks tonight.

That’s it…in a nutshell… :bobble

But don’t listen to me…here’s Billionaire Wisdom Tree Chairman Steinhardt expressing his FU opinions early this morning:

Watch the embedded video clip…


My son and I just got back from Texas A&M and they put a full court press to get him to sign. I am an ex college athlete. I have never seen anybody that was not an athlete recruited as hard in my life. Georgetown sent him a plane ticket to come to Washington DC to look around for a weekend.

At A&M the Dean of the college sat across from him and did a sales job worthy of a power forward. They had 3 current students a dean and a recent graduate sitting there answering his questions. I am convinced that there are 2 kinds of kids that get accepted to college. The kind that they want to come to their school and the kind they will allow to go to their school. If you get accepted they will allow you to go there but if they give you all the money plus an apartment just off campus an academic partner and access to an administration mentor assigned to intercede at any time you deem it necessary then they want you to go. He decided to go to A&M for that reason.

I always ask people why do you want to do real estate, they say for the money. I ask them what are you going to do with the money. They look at me like I am from Mars. I say that because real estate is not for the money it is for the lifestyle. You buy houses to enhance your lifestyle. The typical person pays $350/month for a car note and it is a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. If they had 1 rent house that cash flows $200/month they are now in a BMW 5 series. Instead of living in a 2,000 sqft house based on their work salary if they just bought 10 houses that cashflow $200/month each they could buy a 5,000 sqft house. That is lifestyle enhancement. That is what real estate does for you.

You ask what does this have to do with my son getting into college? I only buy houses for reasons. I bought 3 houses 3 years ago for my son’s use when he was 15 years old. He could use the money while he was in high school for his lifestyle. When he graduated we intended to use the money to pay for his college. While he was in high school he used the money from them to go out on dates etc. These are 3 houses that have been cash cows. Each of them cash flows $550, $500 and $450/month. They have been leased constantly by the same families. This boy drove a brand new convertible car in high school and took girls out to real sit down restaurants, and took his friends on our family vacations to Europe and Hawaii. He was like a Cullen (Twilight fans). I will not be giving him the $1500/month until he passes successfully his first 30 hours of college (as long as he pledges my fraternity…just kidding). When he graduates college and gets into law school we are going to sell the houses for the equity and buy into an apartment building. These houses have $30k, $50k, and $55k of present equity. He will have the income from his apartments to live on after graduating from law school instead of depending on the income from some law firm that will undoubtedly want him to work 80 to 100 hours a week to make partner. He will be able to practice what he likes not what he has to. He may even be able to get into politics.

That is lifestyle. That is what real estate can do for you. What gets in the way of a great live is a good life. Being a lawyer can give you a good life. A lawyer with real estate can give you a great life.


I think THIS POST is my all time favorite on REICLUB!!!

THAT…Is what it’s all about…Being SHARP…Not just SMART…I know a lot of VERY smart people who are about as SHARP as a marble.

There IS a difference…And YOU my friend are about as SHARP as they come!! :beer