I love reading the blogs of some of the people here. Can you post your favorite REI blogs or your own?

well sure since you asked. mine is at
it’s a good blog if i don’t say so myself but please don’t become a “reader”. that’s someone who only reads and is caught up in the information gathering process and never actually does anything.

you’re not going to make any money until you get off your assets and do something. visiting forums and blogs is good up to a point but there are many ways to make money in real estate. just pick one and get going.

It is against the forum rules to post personal contact information in hte body of a message…that includes personal websites and personal blog addresses.

You may e-mail them to Benjie or send him a PM, though…


Does “body” include the signature?

You know I thought I read the Forum rules carefully but thanks for pointing that out Keith

i normally don’t put links in posts but in this case i was just answering a question. no big deal. i suppose you’ll just have to guess where my blog is…

No, you are free to post a link to your site or your contact info in your signature within the confines of the site rules:

Member Default Signature - you may use your forum signature to advertise your business and/or network as long as the signature is no more than 5 lines and has no blank lines in it. You may not post more than one link to your site in your signature. Once you’re logged in, click the “profile” button underneath the banner ad near the top of this page to set it up.

Hi Benji I am restarting my blog back in january somehow my blog got erased and since then I have been trying to get it back but cant seem to get it done so I am starting a new one. It kind of ticked me off because it does take a bit of time to put everything together and I had somewhere around 3 solid months of just about daily information. Next time I will back it up. Good luck.