Blockbuster going down soon?

I saw that coming for the last few years. Their attempt to do online rentals was a dismal failure. The last few times I went there to rent something they had ZERO inventory of new movies and the line was too damn late to wait for a 4th string choice. They did that stupid thing where you would get the movie free on your next visit if they didn’t have something in stock…but who wants to wait in line for 20 mins for a $4 coupon and why bother if it won’t be there next time either. How a place with dismal sales figures was always out of stock on everything is beyond me. I should have shorted a ton of it a few years ago.

I’ve heard the scuttlebutt about Blockbuster going under for awhile now. I, for one, would be quite disappointed to see them go. While they clearly haven’t been able to keep their business model competitive, I frequent them almost every day, as I refuse to pay the RIDICULOUS prices charged by the cable TV companies. And I would have to disagree that their online rental system is a failure. I’ve been a member of the online thing for several years, and the selection online is outstanding for someone like me who doesn’t have cable TV, plus I save a ton of money using the online movies to trade in for free movies in store. In a nutshell, I hope Blockbuster finds a way to stay open, at least for my own selfish reasons!

I never said their online system is bad, it just will always be a step behind Netflix. When people think cola they think Coke, when people think mail order video rental they think Netflix. Netflix was the first and is THE brand for this type of service. Netflix did a stellar job forging the market for online movie rentals and continues to dominate the market thanks to their barrage of TV ads, nearly flawless delivery system, etc. If this ever slips Blockbuster can jump in and take some market share, but it hasn’t.

I used Netflix for awhile years ago but I think you have to rent at least 3 movies per month to make it worthwhile. I don’t watch movies that often so I went back to Blockbuster instead. They are renting most of their movies (except new releases) for 99 cents for 2 day rental here, which seems like a good deal to me. I’ve never tried their online system.

The problem with Blockbuster is that they are somewhat prissy about carrying unrated movies or things they consider offensive, and if you want to find an obscure film or some foreign films Blockbuster probably doesn’t carry them.

Hold and Buy,

C’mon man get with the times you can get all the free porn you can stomach on the internet.

“All you can stomach” being the operative phrase with some of the stuff out there. Some people have issues.

ha ha…

Along with Netflix, all those video vending machines you see around, are surely contributing to the downfall of video rental stores. Those red video vending machines I see all over the place inside grocery stores and even outside on the sidewalk at gas stations. Maybe buy some stock in gas station and convenience stores chains?

I totally forgot about Redbox. Why I forgot about it, I don’t know…after all I use it regularly. I hate Blockbuster and found I wasn’t renting enough movies to make Netflix a good option for me. But Redbox is perfect for my couple movies per month at $1 a night. Plus they send you a text message for a free movie on Mondays. I tend to only rent on Mondays and end up spending $0 a month on rentals. Well that is unless I don’t make it back by 9pm the next day and get hit $1 for the late return.