Blind faith?

Why is the 2nd refusing to send me a written acceptance letter on a S.S? What is my guarantee that they won’t just won’t keep my funds? Is it wise to send funds blindly? How do I protect myself? 2nd is C.W…
Please help.

Before you can close and fund on the transaction they will have to release the lien. You won’t be able to close without and acceptance letter from them or them releasing the lien off of title.

What is the differences between a release of lien and an acceptance letter?
Will the 2nd release the lien without any money?
I been told that “Technically the 2nd can’t put their “acceptance” of my shorted offer in writing” But that would solve everything.
Is this where my Attorney is suppose to get involve? I turned everything over to him and he said he needed me to get the acceptance letter form the 2nd. I question if he knows how this work.
Thanks in advances.

Don’t send any money directly to the 2nd. Use escrow.