BK Atorney Fraud

Has anyone ever heard of a bankruptcy attorney recommending a sheriffs sale when the owner has a buyer?

How does one recommend a Sheriff’s Sale?

How exactly does that constitute fraud other than the fact that its not the result you had hoped for?

Well because she already has a buyer to cover the liens and judgements and clear her of bankruptcy on top of that she is getting money back at closing why would he tell her that? It doesn’t make sense. Plus he sent a real estate agent out to the house and now all of a sudden there is another buyer on a private sale not listed or advertise, not on the market. If he was thinking in her best interest wouldn’t he advise her to take the money and run rather that wait and see if maybe she might get the money to cover her dept?

He told her she should wait for the sherriffs sale period and not to try to sell it on her own