Birdogging in Mi

I am looking for an investor in the Downriver area in Mi, that needs a birdog. I am not sure where to look. I have several vacant homes on my list. I did find one investor, but he seems kind of shady.

(1) Call the numbers on the "We/I Buy Real Estate bandit signs and/or billboards. That’s what these folks do for a living! Then, try to work a deal with them…

(2) Attend the local REIA meetings…


What keith said is right. The “we buy houses” companies have what is called ready investors. These people have been pre-qualified and are ready to do deals in a week. They are just waiting for the deals to show up. Birddogs are used to supply them with those deals. Call them; they have fee structures and time frames for closing, and guidelines for discount from retail that they work in. This also helps you with your credibility because you can tell the seller when they can look at closing and how much they can expect to get.

What are you willing to pay?
Did you give your number or business card to the local post office carrier? Dhl carrier? UPS guy? Fedex guy?
How about kids from the neighborhood?
How about put an ad in your local church’s magazine?

This should be a good start. Now, this is a concept that I have a question for you: if you buy a property and hold it for several years, what would you give a bird dog as a ‘fee’?

Good luck in Michigan!