-Anyone using it?

Seems like they have a lot of good resources. I just signed up yesterday and am starting to go through the materials now, seems like it will help me out quite a bit. Anyone else with an opinion about this site?

I checked it out, seems nice, but their site security needs some work, a bit substandard. I notified them of this and refused to complete registration and login until they fix it.

I know what you mean, when I typed in my password on the main page it wasn’t hidden at all (plain text in the box).

Yeah, that alarmed me too. Such a simple fix, but it kinda makes me wonder what else was overlooked. The site has potential to get a lot of traffic, they may want to think ssl for logins too.

I emailed them, hope they fix it soon, I love the idea of it, want to see them do well.

Logged in today and its fixed, password is hidden at login.

I checked it out and logged in. There’s no deals listed for the “Investor”, despite them listing that they have “TOO MANY DEALS!!!”.

They said their investor side is going to be up in a month.

I don’t know if it is anything worthwhile. Maybe just another website trying to capatalize off of the Real estate market.

Worst case scenario they have a good questionaire to use when calling people and some other good info like that. Its free so worth me checking out even if I never submit deals to them.

I have a feeling that the website is fairly new and they don’t have the deals in a database and posted yet. Seems like its someone with their first real website, growing pains, lol. Hope they get it right, I might go and read their ebook now that the password is fixed.


how many sites have you worked on?

do you do that for a living?

what websites do you have? (u may not be able to post them in this thread…)

I’ve worked on quite a few ecommerce sites, video game sites, and have done a couple magazine sites. I’m not a designer, I program websites so they work dynamically using customer and company data. PM me if you want to chat more.

Hi All,

thanks for the feedback. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please feel free to let us know… we provide feedback and contact forms on our site and we are very responsive… we appreciate getting your input.

dd564: Guilty! We definitely ARE trying to capitalize off of the Real Estate Market…by having people submit deals to us so that either we or one of our participating investors can buy them! ;D

Vader: what environments do you currently program in?

Thanks again everyone…

I do .Net and classic ASP, I see you guys use cold fusion, good stuff.