How do I go about advertising for birddogs?

they are usually at your local real estate association, or if you are just looking for wider selection, you can post an ad in the paper or craigslist. Either way, do expect to provide them with some education because they may not know what to look for and will bring you dead deals and expect to get paid.

I agree with Fadi. Craigslist and local real estate associations are hot spots. You should also try online meetups, yahoo groups, and google groups too! Social Networking sites are good as well.

As Fadi said, if you educate them on exactly what you need them to do, as long as they have the right attitude, you should get great deals all the time.

I put an ad on craigslist, it works pretty well. The trick to it is showing the birddog that you’ll stick with them thru the process and will pay them for their efforts.

One thing that I did that got me a lot of success was to create an ebook for the property locators and bird dogs to read before we begin doing any training or work. That way they know what I expect and see how it all works. The ones that want to go forward will, those that think it’s too much work will quickly go away.