is birddoging legal and how do you find investers for your finds

Yes it is legal and you can easily find investors that would love to work with you. Just get the word out about what you do, maybe at a local REIA group, or look in the newspaper for investors, usually the ads that says “We buy houses” and call them with your leads. Just MAKE SURE YOU GET A FINDERS FEE. These are just two ways of locating investors. Hope this helps

thank you very much one of my friends has a realestate company and i went to him for some help and he told me what i was going to do was illegal he must have misunderstood me i didnt thik it was and yes that did help thank you

I think it could be illegal in some states, but there are always ways around such rediculous laws.

In Texas it is certainly not illegal.

…your real estate friend. What state is he in??


florida i had a meeting with him and he understood what i was doing and said dont give those properties away that i need to be on the contract and get half he took me under his wing with a group of investers that want to work with me

If you’re comfortable getting houses under contract, and have investors to buy them from you – why do you want to Bird Dog? …or was it just a curiosity question – in which case, Mark-Austin-TX answered perfectly.

I think it could be illegal in some states, but there are always ways around such rediculous laws.


Good luck. Let us know when you schedule your first closing.

wow, sounds like your friend even did you a better deal by taking you under his wing. now with you getting the contracts, you will make better profit and get more understanding of whats going on and how to get even a better understanding of do investing


My buddy said the same thing to me. Thanks for posting this question! This thread has really helped to alleave some stress!

Can you be a bird dog with a full time day job? I know that bird dogging is the best real estate investing option for me at this point and time. I do have a car, but do I have be able to find these leads during the day?