Birddoging or Wholesaling in Expensive Hot Market?

Is it reasonable to birddog or wholesale in a really expensive area where houses tend to sell quickly?

I don’t see why owners would sell this way in an area where they could likely profit tremendously by selling their property. If they are distressed they are likely to have huge mortgages on the property.

Any thoughts, tips or advice.

A single family home here costs 1 mil +.


I would guess that in the case of a huge mortgage, if they are in distress and they dont have a +equeity A short sale would be the way to go. Then you could make huge profits still and get a really sweat deal, for the investors. or yourself.


PS keep in mind Im a newbie but Im extremely interested in Shortsales/wholesaling and anything to get me started.
so Im just sharing what I am learning.:slight_smile: