hello all

I want to first say thanks for all the valuable insight received on this forum. I’ve learned so much here!

I want to start my real estate investing career by birddogging in the atlanta area. i wanted to know if there are any suggestions on how to get investors to trust you to do this type of work for them. I also know alot of times they are looking for homes that have not made it on MLS yet. do you find those properties mostly by FSBO advertisements or is there any other sources to find these properties. Any help would be great. thanks

Your credibility is made from sending good leads with info on the prop to them. Also attend your local REIC meeting , great way to network. Everyone could use more “quality” leads so a birddog is a commidity as long as you don’t waste investors time looking at dead wood. :bobble

The MLS is not a great source for a birddog, you have to beat the bushes and collect info on FSBO, distressed looking properties…ect The things and time that would take a investor time to find is what makes your service so valuable. If I could find it so easy I wouldn’t need someone else to find it for me? :rolleyes Find those diamonds in the rough and provide good info to your investor and you will find loyal investors who will talke your leads and follow up on them to find out more. :beer

Thank you for the response and this is great info(of course). I plan to get started making calls to sellers and getting some leads established right away. I’m also going to attend the next area REIclub meeting and get some networking going.

Investor trust will usually be built overtime when you have proven yourself as a valuable asset to their profitablilty. Once you have made a few investors money, word will spread fast that you are the person to deal with if someone wants to buy discounted real estate in your area.

Don’ t discount the MLS for finding great deals on property. I have bought and sold at least 40 homes using the MLS so I know for a fact that it can be an extremely valuable resource.

FSBO’s are not such a bad way to go, I have seen and done some deals with FSBO’s , the trouble is that may fsbo’s are selling that way because

  1. they dont have enough equity to pay a realtor, meaning that they dont have enough equity to make there home a good deal.

  2. they are selling on their own because they are penny pinchers, and penny pinchers dont want to pay realtors, and they dont want to give there equity to your investors either.

Best of luck

Thanks Eric,
That’s good to know because i’ve found some great properties on MLS that i think alot of investors would be interested in in this area. i’m waiting on a few investors to give me a call back with what they’re looking for so i can get the ball rolling. You guys are so helpful here and i am so grateful to be able to ask questions here