Can anyone recomend a good book or plan for this. I ultimately do not want to be a bird dogger…but want to be an actualy investor/rehabber. But want to learn some of the ins and outs before jumping in. And I heard birddogging is a good way to learn.

hi drm1972,
I’ve read just about every book available concerning real estate. Most are out dated and laws have changed in every state every year. The best thing you can do is pick up your phone and dont be afraid to ask questions. Build yourself a roladex of investors, bankers, real estate agents, title companies etc…Read everything new that you can get your hands on and read the forums of this site. Build relationships that can open doors for you in your area of interests. Make sure your credit is good and income/dept ratio qualifies for when you find a good investment deal. Take action! While it is always good to feed your brain with books,…hands on is the best way to learn!