Hello Fellow Investors,

I am seriously thinking of becoming a birddog for investors that are interested in my service. What I want to know is…Are there any successful Birddogs out there? If you are or not,… please let me know if birddogging is a lucrative RE activity. I am basically doing this birddog plan in order to learn about RE investing and make some money while learning.
If anyone has opinion on this subject, I would be most grateful for your comments. I live in FL.

Thank you Ed

Hello ED.

I think that being a birddog is the best way to start it will help you build a mine set for this business you will be able to learn the in’s and out’s of the RE investing world try to find someone that will let you work on the deals with them while you are making money at the same time. The more you learn how to find good deals the more you earn. Knowledge in the business will forever govern ignorance. Work hard and get your first check and you will know what I mean your first check will be all the motivation that you need.

birddoging or wholesaling is a great way to go. That’s what my blog is primarily dedicated to. I do mostly wholesale deals myself and only take the top 1-2 properties a month. The one thing that I would invite anyone that’s looking at being a birddog to do it immerse yourself in marketing books, tapes, seminar and anything else you can get your hands on. You don’t need to know anything about real estate to get into this business. If you can generate leads of motivated sellers you’ll have very experienced investors begging to train you because they know you can bring the deals. I had a deal when I first started 2 hours from my home in San Diego. I found an investor that had been around many years and invited him to drive out with me and he could do the negotiations and get the property. He did and bought the property, paid me 3k for finding the lead and I got priceless knowledge being in the car with him talking to him for 4 hours. Food for thought!

-The hardest part of the business is finding motivated sellers. Master that first by birddoging and flipping contracts and learn about Real Estate later!

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!

just my two cents