I have a ton of properties I’ve located now I just need buyers…any suggestions?

Other wholesalers with (your) buyers in the area can be a source of leads. You split the fees 50/50.

Locate the owners, negotiate price, get a contract. Advertise. Selling has been the easiest part for me. If its a good deal, I gotta beat the buyers off with a small stick.

Advertising suggestions?,,, newspaper ads, good old for sale by owner sign in the yard, if there’s a really good spread on the profit you can always consider a real estate agent. On top of all that, work on building a buyers list.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions/sites. Everything I can absorb helps tremendously! I am presently working on a buyers list. Thanks again.

Were are you located?

I’m located in Chesterfield, VA. Between Richmond and Petersburg.

I put out to some investors that I would be interested in bird dogging and have had a few responses asking for the property locations. Should I give them to these investors and hope I don’t get scammed or give them the property addresses and hope I get a call back from them. I have the exact type properties these investors are interested in with comps, amenities and school districts. What’s my next move? Any help would be appreciated.

Try your best to link up with reputable wholesalers and J V on the deals :smile

Don’t tell the investors anything without getting a contract signed with them.

JV with other wholesalers in your area. You can advertise on craigslist and use
Bandit signs is a good tool as well depending on the area you live in. Find out where your nearest foreclosure auctions are being held. Here you meet a handful to a dozen of investors who has tons of cash to buy. Print your current deals out on flyers. Make sure you business cards handy as well. Using all of the mediums will definitely increase the chances of your property being sold quickly. :smile

My advice…just find the wholesalers in your area that do the MOST deals…they will work with you.

I would make a spreadsheet where you can put all of the info for each property in one place. This info may include address, phone number, back taxes and comp price. Then put together a list of investors buy calling we buy houses signs etc. Call each investor and talk with them, ask them what type of property they buy and what they typically spend. Also ask them if there is any particular info they need and get their email address.

From there you can send the properties that fit their criteria to them. In most cases local investing communities will be kind of close knit and the investor will not want to screw you over because they have a reputation to protect.

Another great place to find investors and learn the business is your local REIA club. Look it up and go to a meeting.

Good Luck!! :biggrin