birddogging/ need agreement?

is it a good idea to use a agreement form between you, as a birddog and your buyer, to make sure you get paid for each deal he/or she close’s on? i have my own, which simply states what i will do in consideration for a finders fee of $500.00.
any feedback on this?

wayne o’connor

Hi Wayne,

An agreement is always a good idea when entering into any business arrangement. But, 99% of Investors are not going to rip off your referral fee. They want you to keep bringing them good property leads, and won’t risk losing future profits for $500 or $1,000.

Anyone foolish enough to rip you off will do major damage to their reputation. REI is a small community and word gets around fast.

Good luck


Is it illegal for a RE Investor who has a NYS real estate license (sales person) to pay a birdog a finders fee?

My understanding is that paying a finders fee is okay if you are the principal and are buying the property.

What you can’t do is pay a fee to someone for bringing you a client to help list or buy a house.