is there a birddogger website or chat area where birddoggers meet and exchange ideas and instances that they ran into

there is this site for exchanging ideas. There is creative real estate investors online i think it Are you a new birddog? Ive been a birddog for a while now. If you want answers ask questions. Good luck

Not sure, I understand your question since you posted this in the Bird Dogs, Wholesaling, and Flipping Properties Forum

You are at the correct location.

I’m new to real estate investing and would like to start out as a bird dog first. My questions are:

What information do I need on the houses besides the price, owner name and number, and address?

How much does a bird dog usually get paid?

Is there a contract that I need to sign with the investor before I bird dog?

I hope someone can answer my questions…thank you so much :slight_smile:

A birddog can be different things to different people. I like the way Bronchick makes the differentiation. Basically, a birddog is term given to a person who finds wholesale deals for other investors. Where the difference lies is usually whether or not a contract is signed.

A scout/jobber birddog is one who finds as much information about a property as they can, and hands that info off to an investor for a small fee. Since they have less risk (actually, no risk), this type of birddog gets paid less. I’ve seen these types of people get anywhere from $250-$1,000, depending on profit for the end investor and if the deal closes. I recently found a property and gave the info to a local investor. He gave me $5 for the quality referral, and I will probably get $250-$750 if he closes on the deal.

A “dealer” goes one step further. A birddog who is a dealer actually signs a contract with the seller and then assigns the contract to another investor. Since the dealer takes more risk, s/he also gets a larger fee ($1,000-$5,000 or more) from the end investor.

Again, others may say the first example is what a birddog is and some will say both are. I don’t think there is truly a dictionary/encylopedia definition, so no one is right and no one is wrong.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Steve,

Those definitions gave me a whole new perspective on bird dogging. You’ve been really helpful!!!


mulan :slight_smile:

Datarox and NoMoneyDown,
Sounds like you both know what you are doing. Pls share with me what you have found to be the most successful ways for building your buyer’s list. I’m really interested in getting started bird-dogging right away. I’ve been reading tons of info from this site and but still feel like this topic is not really covered that in-depth when compared to all other aspects of RE investing. Who do I need on my team to start as a bird-dog that assigns contracts (just a lawyer, CPA and preferred title co.)? Also do you have a sample of a contract that you’ve used in the past b/w you and the property owner and you and the investor? Has a prop owner ever questioned you about the “and assigns” portion of your contract? How would I approach an agent initially about working with me (I’m afraid they won’t take me seriously since I’m new and young - 25)? Thanks for all of your help. I really appreciate anything that you can share ;D