I’m a New Investor will little cash, little income and is wondering is starting out as a birddog a good way to get some cash and if so can I contract with you to become your birddog, or do you know of any investors who need some birddogs. ???

if you are very aggresive their is money to be made!! First thing you should do is get a newspaper and call local investors, ads that reads “we buy houses” ect, Talk to them let the investors know what you are doing, also network with other investors. not just any investor, more like- Motivated Serious investors who are READY and WILLING to buy. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON NON-SERIOUS INVESTORS you will not make any money. If you are a beginner in rei birddogging is the best way to start off because you can learn from other investors mistakes also learn the mechanics and the process of investing… one more thing, you’ve mentioned that you have little cash, i would take that cash and use it for advertising simply making flyers, bandit signs and/or run an ad in the newspaper and have investors call you. but then again a simple phone call can make a big difference…

Thank you Mark for your advice.