Birddog & Wholesaler

What is the different between a birddog and a wholesaler and how can I locate a wholesaler in my area?


A bird dog finds properties and passes the information on to the investors.

A wholesaler buys low and sells a bit higher, leaving the buyer enough room in the deal to resell it again after some fin-ups/rehabs, etc.

From the “Investing Glossary” in the margin to your left:

Bird Dog - someone who identifies a potential good real estate investment opportunity and passes that deal on to another investor for a fee.

Wholesale - to contract a property with the intention of reselling it quickly at a higher price.


Thanks! Didn’t even see that was there. Great resource.

How can one locate a wholesaler in their area?

What is your area?

Southern NJ/Philadelphia

Someone asked a similar question over in the Wholesaling Forum.

This is the reply I wrote to them. It may help you find your investors / wholesalers:

" Have you tried going to your local real estate investment association?

That is a good place to network with people who always know more people.

Another good place and simple place to start is by looking in the newspaper and calling the people who buy houes. Also ask if they know anyone who may be interested in the type of properties that you have.

Some of the better ways to find investors from my experience are at foreclosure auctions and calling hard money lenders.

I go to the foreclosure auctions and I take note on what type of properties these investors are bidding on. I approach them after the auction tell them what I have and exchange contant information.

You may also want to try and call some hard money lenders because they are the ones who loan to real estate investors. They might know some people.

Hope this helps,

Thanks - I will try through S.Jersey Investors.