Birddog questions

I am running my ad for birddogs today on craigslist. What should I ask them for when I am looking for flips or wholesales. Like when they call and say Hey what do you need, does anyone have a preformatted list I can email them or is anyone interested in making forms so its easy for them to report to me and perform their due diligence.



The bird dogs don’t normally perform “due dilligence” - you do. They merely find potential deals and point them out to you…


Well mb that was the wrong word. What should I require them to bring to me when they bring me a deal?

Ideally they have the address, owner’s name and number. The reasons they think the seller is motivated and why is it a deal?

my question is? besides courthouses and banks where else can you go to find repo and forclosures?

HUD foreclosure homes are on Also, REO’s are typically given to listing agents if they don’t sell at the courthouse. You will find those on the MLS

Sometimes it is hard for an investor to do a flip on a HUD home, as they are made available via a bid process, initially to owner/occupants, then to investors. I would suppose that the bid you need to make to flip the property and make money would fall short of what someone would bid on it who is willing to either rehab it or move in to it.

  • Joe