Birddog needs experienced investors' opinion

As a birddog, I’d like to send investors the following info on leads for flips/wholesales/lease-options from REOs, foreclosures, and pre-foreclosures:

–Active MLS and past sales history up to 5 years back
–MLS sales comps and MLS rental comps (6 months)
–County tax record and property deed history
–possible loan history and equity of the subject property
–On pre-foreclosures, homeowner phone # if possible

I understand that the birddog will get his/her cut from closing, but should a birddog that provides the above info get paid per lead (as long as the birddog doesn’t intentionally pass a bunch of worthless leads to the investor)?

Experienced opinions are appreciated. Thanks


How much you get paid per property for all that hard work? sounds liek if you can give up all that info you are doing a GREAT job!

You are only going to get paid on deals that in investor closes on. I am an experienced bird dog and i can tell you honestly. I have gooten paid as much as $2000 per deal and as little as $1000. I would contact the homevestors franchises in your city. They are the “ug buys Ugly houses” company. They are everywhere and most of them will meet with you and buy unlimited houses if the margins are right. Good luck