Birddog Fee

I was wondering what is the average birddog fee? I have been marketing for buyers and sellers and I have had people offer to birddog for me as well as market my properties for their buyers and I am unsure of what is a fair fee. Can anyone assist?
Happy Investing

I pay my birddog $5 per house he finds that meets my pre-defined criteria. Others prefer to pay a percentage of the deals that come out of it but my guy just likes the cash in his hand right away.

When other wholesalers want to market my deals I just work something out with them depending on the numbers of the deal. If it’s tight I may cut into my spread a few grand or so (ex if I’m selling it for $125k and the numbers are kinda tight I might give the other wholesaler an option for $122k or whatever). But if it’s a slam dunk I just tell them whatever they can make over and above my price is theirs. The new terminology for this type of arrangement is the “flex option.”

Thanx for the reply.

Depends on how good the leads the birddog/property locator brings. If you go the extra step and also bring the wholesaler qualified buyers, your fee can rise dramatically