Bird Dogs???

How do you become a bird dog? Where do you find the investors? I feel this is where I will have to be start in my investing. Should I put an ad in the paper? I’ve been studing through books and seminars for about a year now. They make seem like it is so facile. Any suggestions wouls greatly be of value!

Howdy Wicker:

I do not understand why no one else has helped you here. One thing I see is that you have been reading for a year and have not learned a lot. What have you been doing for a year. At 2 hours a day 5 days a week times 50 weeks that is 500 hours. Have you read that much? You could have read this entire forum about birddogging in maybe 10 hours and you would be answering your own question and helping others. To be honest I have never birddogged for anyone ever. I learned all I know from reading and searching for deal for myself and some common sense. It just takes hard work to learn the business. Get out there and find deals and tell investors or families that are looking for a home about them and get some extra cash.

How many seminars have you attended? What does facile mean? I could mot find the definition on google.

The easiest and cheapest way to get started being a birddog is to read the ads in your paper and signs that state that We buy houses and find them a house. Call them and ask what they are looking for. It is usually pre-foreclosures and bargain priced cheap houses. Find the areas they like. Ask all sorts of questions. Ask how much rehab they can do, how they fund the purchase, are rural deals OK, and schools etc. One guy I know only does a certain area where he can add on hundreds of feet and improve the existing home. Usually the higher priced close in older neighborhoods are suited well for this. See if the do commercial as well. I personally am looking for a building to rehab in Texas and lease that is really cheap but in a good location. Find out what other projects they have done as this will help you know what they like. And a ton more questions.

thanks for that infor iam also a new birddog newbie…i ve attending GSREIA meetings and still trying to find investors for deals ive come across…how about properties FSBO…are those good for investors…

wicker 2996…all that information you read about is great but you still need to be hands on…aim trying also and those meetings are awesome…

Howdy KB;

FSBO’s can be great or not. I bought a REO for $16K and a house a few blocks was FSBO for $54K and not any better. I look at them all because some times it is just the flip flop. LOL

Just so you know, “facile” is French for “easy.”
hee hee!

Thanks for the info. I have been off and on for about a year. I have been going thru a nasty seperation. I don’t have much time to get out there now. I have found good deals. I’m currently on MLS, my mother is a realtor. I just got back on REI. I do read all the forums, and they help alot. It just seems that I’m lacking that drive to get out there. I’m working on that now. The motivation books are really helping . I am definitely going to call on investors ads this weekend. Thanks for the kick in the (you know what) I’ll keep you updated.

Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile: