Bird Dogs in Atlanta Area

How do I go about finding bird dogs in the Atlanta area?

Are you still looking for Bird Dogs in Atlanta.

I may be able to help you.

You can place an ad on the Craigslist in the jobs section. Because so many investors us CL and so many people have don’t work like this in the past for other investors, I am sure that you wont have a problem with finding them. Just go to ATL Craigslist and place an ad. Be very specific on what you want them to do, and also make sure they have experience in doing the type of work you need. :cool

You should be able to find them at your local real estate investing club.

The Atlanta reia has a haves and wants on Thursdays at 5 seasons at 1:30. Free of charge, just buy something off the menu. I’ve sold a ton of deals there. If I could start over it would include listening to these guys talk about what they’re looking for.