BIRD-DOGS beware

Any bird-dogs out there know how to get around the TREC regulations on property locating by non-licensee’s. There seems to be quite a few of us out there “beating the streets” looking for or soliciting for deals. surely I am not the first one to ask such an elementary question. The REI courses seem to avoid the Question like the plague. Now I know why!
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Mark.

The easiest way is to contract the property and sell your contract. Being a principal in the transaction removes the brokering concern.

Mark Ratliff,

A simple (One Page) Partnership Agreement with the Investor on the property makes you a principal, then when the investor does the deal he or she buys out your interest in the partnership and property at the agreed upon terms, this way you do not even have to contact the seller if you do not care to.

John $Cash$ Locke

Mr Locke,
Thank you for your reply to my post.
After discussing this issue with several other experienced investors such as yourself, I received the same answer.
Becoming a principal is the answer.
I feel much better about this issue and I appreciate another experienced opinion.
btw, do you have any more books besides the bird-dog book. If you do, I would be interested in them, as well as other newbies out there might be.
Thanks again,
Sincerely, Mark Ratliff.

Mark Ratliff,

Yes, I have avaiable here at the Texas Real Estate Club, Subject To “that’s what I do” for $160 Bucks.

You will find that I offer Free Lifetime 24/7 e-mail with me one on one, a password protected web site where you can ask questions and get answers from some of the top professionals in the industry. When you really need my help you also get my cell phone number, so I would say the support offered you will not find anywhere that I am aware of.

Buy the way when you call my cell phone you will hear “John Here” not some secretary or call screener. Plus the amount of deals I have done gives me edge. After you have been there and done that as many times as I have.

Many investors make the investment in my course along with the Bird Dog manual, so they can train their own Bird Dogs, so it is a two edged sword. Plus, with the course if you find the right Subject To deal, you will be prepared to do it yourself rather than pass it along.

Talk soon,

John $Cash$ Locke

John, how do we find out about your consulting services?


On this site for sale is my Subject To “that’s what I do” manual. With the investment in the manual, you get Free Lifetime 24/7 email with me one on one, membership in a password protected web site for Subject To investors to ask questions and get answers and my cell phone number when you need me quickly, like in front of a seller. You will find that when you call me you will hear “John here”, no secretarys or someone screening my calls.

Shortly I will have a site for Bird Dogs in conjunction with my Subject To site, where Sub-2 (a phrase coined by Tim) investors and Birds Dogs get together to help one another.

This is what I consider mentoring or consulting for a total investment of $160.00 bucks.

Thank you for asking.

John $Cash$ Locke

I thought you were in Conn. ( hehe)
Hope all is well.
Nice sub-to deal yesterday, I had to pay $4,000. in arrears, but am getting $ 17,500.00 down from the ex-neighbor who lost her house a few years ago, and wont stop untill she owns another. ( dont have to worry about her not making a payment, she kept saying she wanted to make a double payment the first month, so she’s always a month ahead…)

Remember when I e-mailed you not sure if your book was worth it…
please laugh at me whenever you want.

Jason (fl)

have contract on property in zip code 75217 pleasant grove area of dallas,texas. appraise value of $37,830 3/1/1 built 1955 996 square feet frame house. desire modest fee of $1000.00 to assign!!!866-539-0622 817-797-9219