Bird dogging?????

Hello Everyone,

   I am a begginer RE Investor. I Have been reading every book I can get my hands on, but I feel I am not ready (Especially Financally) , someone mentioned Bird Dogging, I did a little read about it and it seems like a smart move. Can anyone give some advice on how to get stared bird dogging? And if it is a good Idea? (Personal Exp.) Or should I go to Century 21 and work for them as an agent? Just to get some experience under my belt, and build confidence. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank You

try the barry j grimes course offered here on the site. its great !

Even if you want to become an RE agent, dont goto century 21, look into your area’s RE companies and find the best one. Found one that gave free leads, and make sure about how much the company takes of your commision.