Bird Dogging

I’m looking to expand my bird dog services to other investors. Those that I have been using are not able to buy all of the properties I locate and I’m spinning my wheels. Does anyone have any serious suggestions (outside of local REI clubs and the newspaper) on where to look for more legitimate investors?

Any help is apprciated.

W. Jeremy Wilkes

I would love to hear some suggestions on this also. I am looking for ways to find investors to bird-dog for - without spending a lot of money. Are there any ways to advertise my services. How did you bird-dogs out there find investors? Any/all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ???


Well I have two investors at the moment that I am lined up to work with, I posted a question about bird dogs on my local rei club forum I did not get a answer to the question but I did get a reply from an investor who is also a re agent looking for bird dogs, plus in a yahoo group I belong to I did the same thing looking for a investor and get a reply from a re attorney who is a associate broker/investor looking for property in the county I live in so within a day of deciding to start as a bird dog I have two investors to work with.

Ask around, go to boards, forums and group where investor go and just post a question or ask if anyone is in the area you are in that needs what you have to offer. It does work. good luck


[b]Thank you for those suggestions. I have tried posting on other forums. I have not tried the Yahoo forum. I didn’t know they had a real estate investing forum. Hopefully, I will hear from some investors out there soon!

Thanks again.[/b]

You are welcome.

Join a real estate investment club in your area. There are investors there who would love to have leads brought to them. This doesn’t mention all of the other benefits to joining. Find out who the real players are…in other words, find out who is actually doing a lot of deals, and hook up with them. Another suggestion is to call some “I Buy Houses” ads in your local paper, and talk to he investors running those ads. Those are two of the best ways to find an investor who needs a bird dog. Best of luck.

Regards, Tony.


I always play devil’s advocate, but… Why are your current investors not able to buy ‘all’ your properties? I take it you have provided them good deals in the past that they have bought?

So, just for new bird dogs… know why it is you are not able to sell your deals. Could be the investors you are working with are new too and can not do many deals or may be wannabes. Could be that the ‘deals’ you are finding aren’t really that good of a deal.

Either way get some feedback from your investors and as you are asking, find more. Call all those signs and ads you see around town saying, “CASH for HOUSES”.