Bird Dogging

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have advice on how to find a professional investor to bird dog for?

Mark K.,

Glad to meet you.

The first thing I would do is show where you hail from, this way someone may have an idea where to start you out in your quest.

John $Cash$ Locke

I appreciate it. I’m in Gilber, AZ. A suburb of Phoenix.
I actually just came to this site and started asking questions without actually exploring. Fools rush in, right?!
I’ve seen some ideas and will continue to explore further as well as read other posted Q & A’s before throwing out another question.

Sorry, Gilbert, AZ, not Gilber.


By all means ask questions, this is what this board is for.

I was thinking what if a new person asked a question, which we know has been asked and answered a thousand times and we just pointed to a url http//etc., then where would the excitement go for for that new person?

One of my favorites is “What is P.I.T.I.” asked by a new person with great pride and wondering deep down if someone will answer this question, hopefully by one of the more knowledgable investors who post. Then the new person will reply “thank your for your help.” although someone who has seen this question asked thoughout the years of being on the boards answered it.

I am very familiar with your area as I have done a few deals in the Phoenix area. You have a large selection of investors to choose from, some serious players out your way looking for bird dogs all the time.

Anyway, read and ask.

John $Cash$ Locke

Like my man Robert Kiyosaki and some others.
Do you know a fast way of looking up people to be bird dog’s for out here? Preferably some who can also train or explain and help me to help them.
Thanks for your input.


Get this Sunday’s paper, look under Real Estate Wanted, and let your fingers to the walking.

John $Cash$ Locke

Thanks. Where are you located at?


Currently Tampa, Florida until the fishing goes bad.

John $Cash$ Locke