Bird Dogging Workshop

Does anyone have suggestions on how to promote a bird dogging workshop?

Thank you.

I bet their are a ton of college kids who could use some extra book money, all of them have camera’s to take pics. Run an ad

Earn $250-$500 taking pics of ugly houses.
Local investor needs your help!
Call for details 555-5555

Get 10 college kids working for you on a If I buy I’ll Pay you relationship. What do you have to loose.

I would also run an ad on Craigslist, for single mom’s looking to pick up some extra cash.

good luck

If you know enough about real estate investing then I would just do a real estate investing seminar, except teach people how to pull comps, determine a properties repairs, and talk to sellers. You really dont even need to mention the word bird dog, most people that attend these seminars arent going anywhere with there real estate careers because they are so afraid of risk, at the end of the seminar give out your card and mention that if anybody would like to make some extra money while learning real estate that you would be happy to pay them if they provide you with any leads.