Bird Dogging... Week #1... Gotta Start Somewhere...

After reading the first four volumes of the B. Grimes jobber course, this week is the week I begin taking action in building up my REI business. You gotta start somewhere & for me, bird dogging seems to be the wisest way to learn the basics. I have read a few “how to…” real estate books & I even looked into joining a mentorship program. However… they wanted $1,500.00 upfront or three monthly payments of “only” $500.00. For me, that’s a little steep at this point. I’d rather invest $150.00 building up my business as a bird dog and learn the ropes as I make money in referal fees.

Each week I will post my goals for the week & the progress I made from the previous week. It will be my version of the Jo Jobber diary in volume 3 of the jobber course. I will share my success’s and my failures as a way to keep myself motivated.

Goals for the week:

Week #1: 06/05/05 - 06/11/05

  1. Search through real estate ads for investor contacts

  2. Drive around neighborhood for FSBO & FRBO leads

  3. Reread volume 2 of jobbing course

  4. Contact county court house clerk offices for info

My advice would be to set up a blog, and record your shot-/long-term goals as well as your successes and failures. It will be a lot easier to keep track of than a message board, IMHO.

Great ideas, both of you ;D


I am in the same boat as you, I don’t really know where to start, although finding this site had to be one of the best things that have helped me get and keep me motivated. I have listened to and read almost all of their free offerings, and now I have reached a cross road of where to go now… I have been strongly considering starting out as a bird dog my self, with the same reasons as your self learning some of the ropes with out a huge upfront investment. I have read a few things about Grimes, which seem to be all good and I also read his free eBook, I did like his writing style, it was easy to read, although I thought he could have gone deeper into some of the subjects that he was talking about in his eBook. How is Grimes course? Is it really that good? I hope so because I am just about to order it. I agree with your idea on keeping your self motivated, I also agree with NMD about the blog. This could be something we could work on together and anybody else that is taking the same course. I have studied and taken a lot of certification exams and I have always found out that it’s better to do it with other people, talking and writing about a subject with someone else helps me retain the information longer…

dburg. :slight_smile:


I’ve been reading your blog & I love it!
Very organized, very clear on what you’re trying to accomplish…very good!

:bigthumbup: :elephant:

What is a blog???

Hey JoyC

IMO a blog is like an online diary

It can be about whatever you want, you post your experiences/thoughts/feelings for everyone online to read about

It can be about Real Estate :wink:
How much you hate your ex :stuck_out_tongue:
The town you live in

The skies the limit when it comes to blogs

This is just my take on it though ;D

“Blog” is short for web log. Basically, it’s what JerseyGirl said.

Ohhh so thats what it stands for web log :wink:

No, I’m not going to blog. I’ve heard of blogging… but I’d rather just post my weekly goals and results on the MB where others who are in the same situation as me would more likely see it.

I’ve cut out “I Buy Houses” ads from the past two weeks local newpaper. There are only six different investor ads posted. I was hoping there would be more, but then in a way I’m glad there is not since less local investors means more deals to be found. I will continue to search the ads weekly for new investors & also I will write down phone #'s off of bandit signs.

Tomorrow I am off work so I will focus on rereading volume #2. It is supposed to rain over the next few days so that may hinder my getting out to search for FSBO & FRBO leads until the weekend. Friday I will go to the county court house and familiarize myself with the clerk offices better. I know where the lis pendens books are kept so I will search for preforeclosures whlie I’m there.

I’m also starting to age the real estate ads for future leads.


Wow, This is great reading how motivated you are. However I am on the other end of the line,I am a Broker /Investor in St. Louis Missouri . I do not run a regular Real Estate business. I just got my licence to learn more about Real Estate. I am now looking for bird dogs… any Idea how to find them? Any advice would be helpful.

barrys course is the best money you can spend at this point. his course goes into great detail, as to where his “jobber 101” could not. you will only hurt yourself by waiting. i did the same thing a while back. i even put it off for about 6 months. then a lady on here, who will remain nameless, said she bought the course and it was great.
well, shes a realestate agent as well. i figured that, if what she said was true, i had better buy it asap. well, as i soon found out, she was right and then some. barrys course is worth way more than hes asking for it. way more. im forever greatful to the “nameless” lady indeed. if ya wanna get started, order his course.

finding bird dogs is pretty easy. you can join your local rei club, theres plenty there im sure. you can call any number of the “bandit” signs you see on the side of the road. im sure some of them are b.dogs. or post adds on rei web sites. these are just a few ideas. why not be your own bird dog? being an agent will only get you so far really. the skills of a bird dog will be needed at some point in time. if you have any questions, just ask on here.

i think its great that you want to log your steps on here.
what a great idea. this way people can learn with you.
but, dont give away to much, barry still might want to sale his course! yes vol.2 is the greatest. ive read it over and over. its one of those books that you’ll keep handy at all times. barry did a great job with his course did’nt he ? hummmmm?
now my mind is in overdrive !

What is the formal name of Barry’s course and how do you buyit?