Bird Dogging / Selling a lead

Hello, I was wondering if you guys could help me figure out something.

  1. If I collected information from a seller and sold that information for a fee to an investor, would it be legal to contact the seller afterwards to see if they were contacted by the investor?

  2. If no deal took place between the investor and seller, would it be legal to tell the seller that I am looking for another investor?

I want to ensure I am not acting as an RE Agent in any way.


If you are selling leads for a fee. You need to have some very detailed criteria as to what people are buying from you.

Are the leads exclusive to each buyer? If not let them know.

If the leads are exclusive (either stated or implied), under no circumstances should you go back and try to resell the lead to someone else. That is fraud.



Thanks for the information, but does anyone know the answers to my questions?